Born 1958 – Artur Muharremi is one of the most important contemporary painters. Artur Muharremi completed university studies of scenography and contributed actively and significantly as a painter and producer for the development transformation and qualitative amelioration of the animated film.

Artur Muharremi should be seen as the painter of nudes. His paintings on this subject belong to the most beautiful ones. Their compositional interweaving stirs up the creative fantasy of spectators and make them dream through magic and mystery. Often the naked images manifest a strange impressive force through their silence, where melancholy is part of a beauty almost sculptural and classical. One can frequently see in the paintings of Artur Muharremi the same feminine image that seems to be a poetical muse always sitting next to the painter guiding him across a pictorial world of an endless fantasy. The paintings of Artur Muharremi have inside them witchcraft, mystery and infinite beauty. Every detail is polished and caressed by his brush and his spirit.

Artur Muharremi emigrated to Greece (Athens), where he painted and created publicity spots for a private TV studio. Parallel to this, Artur Muharremi realized artworks of different genres, such as landscapes, nudes and compositions.
The paintings of Artur Muharremi are realized in the form of pictorial cycles that are very interesting with regard to the way they perceive the philosophy of life and its phenomena. He is an allegoric painter, very accurate in realizing every detail of an artwrok.

Artur Muharremi creates pictorial situations full of internal movement. His painting style has passed through several stages of development and consolidation before he was formed as a particular artistic individuality, who unfolds numerous artistic messages to the public by applying contemporary painting techniques and communicative figurative means. The constructions of the landscapes Artur Muharremi has realized are very strange. They seem to be scenes where he shows events and views from an unknown world. Artur Muharremi treats the constituent elements of his pictures in a realistic way in order to achieve the form he has chosen. Among the main cycles of Artur Muharremi one can mention ‘The Musicians’, ‘Nudes’, ‘Still Natures’, ‘Myths and Legends’ and ‘The life of the Street’. The brushwork of Artur Muharremi is very expressive and transmits spiritual warmth. Sometimes it is characterized by a bright light helping one to read the smooth forms of his monumental personages, other times the light is just frozen.